How to determine the proper placement of audio systems

How to determine the proper placement of audio systems

This is a basic mistake – or something which most people ignore – while choosing a venue for their events is that they look for physical qualities such as good location and striking architecture which would allure the audience to the venue. What they forget in looking at these qualities is that they will have to take care of sound and lighting aspects as well. Many lighting companies in Dubai say that people either don’t remember or ignore the lighting part and regret about this later on when the event is just moments away. Same goes for the sound system. One benefit in sound systems is that sound system rental Dubai is available which makes it easy to cover that part about the event.

If you are aiming for a smaller number of audiences for the events which would range between 50 to 100 people then a full range sound system will be required. One thing which needs to be taken under consideration is the fact that if you will not be using equalizers then you don’t invoke unwanted frequencies.

If you want to reach the perfect pitch of the audio system making sure that the sound is not too amplified and it doesn’t echo too much then here is a situation which you could face and how to tackle it. With the help of a few tips and tricks, it would be easily possible for you to resolve any issues that come up.

If you are hosting an event which is for opening of a hotel or restaurant and the sound need to reach every single participant in the room and those participants could range anywhere between 100 to 150 people then the DJ gets a little mobile and would want to cover different areas of the lobby and reception so the audience can be engaged. Then in such cases lobby and the sound area should be covered with full range at any volume of desire. 

The perfect placement for any speaker would be to place two different sound systems horizontal to one another. This way you can avoid overlapping of sound and gaps as well which often delays the sound making it hard to understand. If you are going to be stacking up the speakers on the floor then don’t forget to position them correctly because a speaker directed towards a wall or at audience’s feet is not going to be of any use.

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