Want to be eco-friendly? Start from your home!

Most people across the world are becoming more environmentally-conscious. Being more eco-friendly not only helps you contribute to a sustainable environment but it can even save you money. Becoming more aware of our environment and doing what we can to contribute will definitely benefit us and our future generations in one way or the other.

This article shares a few tips on how to become more eco-conscious starting from your home, implementing a few green moves to aid the environmental cause.

Become energy efficient

Energy efficiency is eliminating energy waste. Using energy efficient light bulbs to conserve electricity, installing solar panels to produce your own electricity, or properly insulating your homes allowing it to use less heating and cooling energy are all ways to become energy efficient. Increased efficiency can lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other pollutants, as well as reduce water use.

Buy Sustainable Products

Sustainability means that the raw materials used for household products and items are supplied from a sustainable source which can be re-grown and does not harm the environment. When you buy household products, make sure you know if they come from sustainable sources for example buying from biodegradable packaging suppliers. Good homecare and furniture stores will have a sustainability policy and will know exactly where their supplies come from.


Dealing with household waste contributes to climate change and also adds to the problem of landfill disposal sites that are destroying the environment. Recycling collection and waste recycling centers are abundant and most household waste can be recycled. All types of materials and eco-friendly food packaging can be recycled including paper, card, tins, aluminum, plastic, ink cartridges, electrical goods and garden waste.


Another form of recycling is composting household food. You can produce your own free, rich organic compost bin by composting vegetable peelings, egg boxes, egg shells, card, newspaper, leaves and grass clippings. However, avoid composting meat as it will attract pests.

Eco-Friendly Food

Growing your own fruit and vegetables has become more than a trend recently, coming easy on pocket and the impacting the environment. Even if you have a small space to grow your own, it is surprising how many crops you can produce. You can also grow vegetables in pots, containers and hanging baskets.

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