Tips to make your child physically active

Raising a child is not all about making him the most intelligent person in fact it is more about making him positive person with good physical and mental health. The reason behind mentioning this point is that most of the parents nowadays are more focused about the grades of their child, in which they used to forget that mental and physical activities are equally important for him as educational activities are. The reason that why children are not physically active is that they just go to school, come back and spend the rest if their day on playing video games or using social media.

This practice is quite unhealthy as childhood is a developing period in which there must be at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily. You could do several things for this purpose like you can go with the best kids activities in Dubai, volleyball classes or whatsoever as per your child’s interest so that he could have better mental as well as physical state. Read the following article in order to get some useful tips that how you could add physical activity in your child’s life.

Plan vacation trips

Well, after a whole week of busy schedule it would be ideal to plan vacation trips with your family so that you could give your time to your kids. This could be a trip to a hill station, a beach picnic or just a day out in park. Make sure that in these kind of trips you play several physical and mind related games with your children in order to challenge them physically as well as mentally. This will help your children is building a good state of mind and they will definitely enjoy it a lot.

Buy them a new bicycle

This would be one of the smartest decisions because kids love to ride bicycle. You can use this strategy by making your kids go to their school on bicycle as this is one of the best physical exercises. But don’t forget to ensure the safety of your child and opt this option only when the school is not that much far. This daily activity will keep your child physically active and the best part is that you don’t have to force your child as he already would love participating in this activity.

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