Things to take care of before using a tank

There are many truck body manufacturers in UAE from whom you can get your truck but there are only few of them who will provide you the best after sales services. For the services you need to go to someone else who is experienced in wielding and giving services to your tank according to the instruction of ISO tanks manufacturers. You need to select the service provider careful because you need to get the following services done in your tank:

There are different layers of a tank and you need to make sure that all the layers especially the bottom one is fixed carefully and strongly with all the other layers in order to avoid the leakage from any place. The bottom layer should be welded with the back layer and it must be done under strict supervision so that there will not a single place from where the diesel may get leaked. All the points which contact with each other should be fixed strongly and welded in a way that they will be secured together.

There are different environmental temperatures at different times of the day like in the daytime the temperature will be high but in nigh time it will be low and if you weld that in an open area then you have to adjust the temperature according to the environment but it has a great draw back. When the temperature changes after the welding then there may be a drastic change in the shape of the tank so you need to make sure that the welding will be done under proper temperature control environment so that the shape will remain the same even after using the tank for several times.

While welding there may be sometimes the problem of hot crack will occur so if you want to avoid that problem then you need to select the high quality hydrogen and carbon electrode otherwise you will face that problem which will be dangerous for the workers there. You have to keep the distance between two welding points and also you have to keep the idea of time for which you have to keep welding one point and after how much time you have to weld the next part of that area. Only a professional can do this with accuracy and care so go to the best.

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