Questions to ask before choosing an educational consultant

When you are planning to study abroad, you need to understand the entire process deeply, from choosing a country, university, and destination to the visa process. However, by hiring an education consultant, you may avoid silly mistakes that may reduce the chance of getting a visa to the destination country. Education consultants are well-informed about rapid changes in the international education system.  In recent few years, educational consultant offering study in UK from UAE, this is getting popular rapidly.

 But when it comes to hiring an education consultant, you should prepare some important questions to ask before hiring them.

What type of colleges and universities do they offer you?

This is one of the top questions you should ask for an education consultant. You are aware of the colleges or universities where you are going to study. Therefore, ask them everything about your destination they are offering to you. Check out the credential and experience of the consultant to make sure you are not becoming a fool.

How many visas have been approved successfully?

This question will give you insight into the company.  The success ratio tells about the experience and worth of education consultants in this industry. So make sure to get detailed information about consultant and their experience.

Can they provide the reference of students they have sent abroad?

You can ask consultants to provide you the reference of students they have sent abroad. Approach these students to get reviews of the considered education consultant. Ask them how much time it took to complete the entire process? Did they demand hidden charges?

Do they have branches in the country where you are going to study?

If they have branches in the country where they are sending you, it may helpful for you as you may get assistance regarding the student visa process. Most consultants do not assist overseas. Therefore, make sure before hiring them if they offer assistance in your destination country.

Do they help in the Visa process?

Many consultants provide you services for getting admission to international universities. They do not deal with the Visa process. It may increase your overall cost as you have to hire someone separately for the completion of the visa process. Therefore ask the educational consultant if they look after all the process from admission to getting a visa.

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