Prepare your pet for a big move

Relocating is a crucial task, a strenuous and tiring phase. Most people become stressed and apprehensive about a lot of issues when they have to move. One of which is relocating ‘the pet’.

Pets are difficult to cater while you travel to a new place. Preparing your pet before travelling and making them ready to except the change is significant to their comfort and solace.

Stay calm to instill calmness

When you yourself feel calm about shifting and travelling, you will transfer the calmness in your pet too; if you are not, at least pretend to be. Do talk to your pet about moving into a new place; create some scenes to elaborate what you are trying to say. This will set a positive mood.

The airplane experience

Like young children, pets such as dogs and cats also freak-out and may cause trouble during the flight. Preparing your pet for a first time airplane ride will minimize anxiety. Taking your pet through a car wash will create a similar situation. While you are experiencing the sound and motion talk to your pet about it. Likewise, getting his tummy ready for a bouncy or rocking ride, reduce one-third of its food serving.

Identity detection

If possible, get your pet microchipped or at least have an identity tag attached having your name and new address on it so that your pet can be tracked back to you if misplaced.

Vaccination and paper work

Most countries have strict laws about pet relocation. Documentation and vaccination are the two most crucial aspects before travelling. Take an appointment with your pet’s vet for all required inspections and vaccinations. Research and complete all the paperwork needed long before you travel, as it is time consuming.

Hiring a pet relocation service

The best option to comfortably move your pet is to hire a reputed pet relocation service. They will resolve all your apprehensions by taking care of each and every requirement concerning your pet.

Cat and dog relocation is comparatively easier than any other exotic animal like snake or tarantulas as most countries have very harsh laws and policies with respect to pet relocation. There are many Dubai Vet Clinics and hospitals that offer vaccination and inspection for issuing health certificates to pets before relocation.

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