Things to consider before finalizing business setup consultants in Dubai

Free zone company setup in Dubai UAE, a spot where there is zero tax on income, is consistently a dream for majority of businessmen across the world. Anyway it turns out to be progressively hard to sort out the reliability of business setup consultants in DMCC Dubai as several experts are launching websites and company’s social media pages with misleading data about their years in business, number of customers served and staff strength. Such consultants also put misleading content about various procedures and documents requirement. Such companies can raise deep troubles for investors if by chance he/she fall in wrong hands, so here few tips to finalize the business setup consultants in Dubai.

Number of years in business: Company which is long time in business must have many employees worked with it and could easily be seen on professional networking sites. This factor is imperative to ensure that the company has adequate information to make warning and furthermore it has enough financial strength to ensure continuity of their business and security of documents and proper usage of payment made. Also check from which date the company really has begun posting articles on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages. This will also give an idea regarding the number of years in business.

Number of clients served: Less experience in serving clients can bring about huge wreck for customer as sometimes consultant will learn to setup specific type of company at customer’s costs. Continuously check online reviews for the company which can give you reasonable thought regarding the strength of the company to convey the promises made. It takes strong internal systems, transparent approach and client centric policies to accomplish high consumer satisfaction and agreed delivery, and increase the number of customers served.

Authentic advisory: Every customer has a particular strategy in their brain. Every customer has explicit business objectives to be accomplished. Many business advisors ignore this reality. And just concentrate the product where the person has a more benefit or commission. This will most likely lead to a wrong company formation. Fundamental responsibility of an advisor is to understand the strategy and objective to be accomplished and based on that should propose appropriate authority where company should be registered. Many customers have been encouraged to form free zones companies while their strategy was just reasonable for mainland.

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